Welcome to the beginning of one the biggest responsibilities of your life. Owning and shooting a firearm.

Hi~~My name is Teresa ( Cookson) Heilevang. I was born and raised in SE Kansas, where hunting and guns were and still are a natural part of my life and culture. Since I was a young woman, I have been blessed with being able to enjoy the outdoors in a wide variety of venues. I enjoy fishing , skiing, and riding motorcycles. I have had the enjoyment of hunting deer, coyotes, turkey, ducks, geese, pheasants, quail, doves, squirrels, rabbits and feral hogs. I have been privileged to have been able to attend several Machine Gun Shoots where I have shot every kind of machine gun I could lay my hands on.  I am an avid Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clay junkie and I enjoy shooting competitively in Sporting Clays and  Cowboy Action Shooting. ( SASS)

I’m member of the NRA,  affiliated with The Armed Citizens Defense Network and a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. I firmly believe that every legal citizen has the right and obligation to be armed for self protection of themselves, family and property. My goal, as an instructor is to introduce new and seasoned shooters to the responsibilities of being an informed responsible firearm owner.  To help make that step go smoothly for you, I will help you in preparing yourself to have a smarter mindset about your surroundings, planning, concealment and mentally to be able to take “ACTION” in defense if need be.

I have had the privilege of training in tactical and defensive use of firearms at exceptionally fine facility’s and ranges, like Gunsite in Prescott Arizona, from some of the best instructors in the United States that have extensive military, special forces, and law enforcement backgrounds. I will use the knowledge from that, so that you will  have the tools to become a wiser and more responsible citizen with the use of your firearm.


Certificates Of Training

  • State Of Kansas Certified – Handgun Safety & Training Course CCW (K01-16-2468)
  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
  • Certified Training in Tactical Defensive Pistol 1, 2,3
  • Ladies Basic Pistol 1,2,3
  • Ladies Defensive Pistol 1, 2,3
  • Team Tactical for Two
  • Close Quarters Tactics
  • 150 Defensive Pistol
  • 250 Defensive Pistol
  • 350 Defensive Pistol

There are no accidents with guns~~~ Only negligence.