CCH (Concealed Carry Handgun) course will be up to 8 hours. 

  5-6 hrs class room time.

Range time depending on the # of students




  • An introductory safety briefing.
  • Basic introduction to handguns and ammunition.
  • Pistol operation for both revolver and semi-automatic firearms. (proper grip, stance, aim)
  • Firearm manipulation, marksmanship and practice procedures.
  • Safe handling of firearms
  • The Laws in Kansas and use of force laws covering self defense and personal defense applications.
  • There will be short videos depicting actual situations and what the Best Defense would entail.
  • Discussing Kansas Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws and legal issues relating to the “use of force” laws, protecting property and persons
  • Firearms Transport rule
  • How to interact with law enforcement, during routine stop while carrying a firearm.
  • What to do after a self-defense incident.
  • How to respond to an aggressive altercation.
  • Situational awareness and the “after the fact” trauma and stress of a situation.
  • Making your own medical emergency kit.

At the end of the classroom time there will be a 50 question multiple choice/true false written test.


Optional Practice time — Up to 25 shots

To qualify, you will be required to shoot 25 total shots fired from 3 distances: One 5- shot string from 3 yards one-handed, two 5-shot strings from 7 yards two-handed, and two 5-shot strings from 10 yards two-handed.


Things you will need:

  • You will need Identification (Ks drivers license or ID card)
  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Eye and Ear protection
  • I recommend you bring your own handgun you want to qualify with. It does not have to be the one you carry. If you do not have a firearm, or you choose not to use your own, I will have a firearm that you can use to qualify with. You will need to bring the required amount of  ammo with you IF you choose to use my firearms.
  • At least 30 rounds of factory ammo. ( please.. no reloads) More if you want practice time.
  • No holsters will be allowed or used.  We will be shooting from a table.
  • Bring a sack lunch, snacks and non alcoholic drinks of your choice. ( we will NOT leave the building for lunch, but will eat while continuing with the class) Coffee and Tea will be provided.  We will also take short breaks throughout the day.

Classroom time will be held at my house at 801 East Jefferson  in Howard or the Bears Den ( which used to be the bar on Wabash street but its now privately owned).   Class will start at 8:00 am. ( doors open at 7:30)  and will end after shooting qualifications are completed.  

Range time is done on private property, 6 miles west of town on country roads. I will provide directions the day of class…and we will all caravan out together.


Class Fee

 Group Price~~$75.00.

Private Individual~~$100.00

If I have to travel, $115.00 per person. ( Under 10 students)

More than 10..$110.00


  • You may register online.  and pay using a Credit Card   **Click on Registration tab at top of web page**
  • You can register online and pay me personally with a check or cash or credit card.
  • You can wait and pay me at the beginning of the class upon arrival of the class date.

  Deadline for registration will be 2 days before day of class.


Classroom time will be interactive with everyone taking part. You will have a chance to discuss issues, ask questions and engage in hands on procedures throughout the class. This course will be fun and enjoyable, taught to you from a down to earth, easy perspective of a fellow CCL card holder.

Because of the wide range of ages and differences in people, I ask that you please be considerate of all those in the class regardless of firearm and shooting experience.


A Summery of this course includes:

  • Basic Firearm Safety Rules and Procedures
  • The working and function of the different main types of ammunition and handguns
  •  The legal and practical aspects of acquiring, carrying, and using a firearm for self-protection.
  • An outdoor live-fire shooting exercise supplemented with individual coaching as necessary
  • Class is conducted with aid of a power point presentation.. videos.. and a complete set of handouts.

This class fulfills the training requirement for a Kansas Permit to Carry a Handgun. It also serves as a basic introductory course in the safe handling of firearms.

After completion of class, take a check in the amount of $35.00 and your certificate of completion to the sheriffs office of the county you reside in to apply for the permit to carry. There you will have a set of fingerprints and a photo taken and a fee will apply.