Advanced Defensive Pistol 1

This is Full Range Day Course limited to 6 students

7:30 – 5:30  ( periodic breaks. 30-45 min. for lunch)

This class is intended to be an introduction into using a handgun in self defense and is designed for students who have previously taken the Basic Handgun Training course or proof of something similar….and already possess the basic knowledge in gun handling and safety.

  The goal is to become familiar with and practice shooting and handgun techniques in a low-stress, environment, and to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to surviving a self-defense encounter. Using live rounds of fire…you will be taught each new skill with one on one help and instruction. I will stress the importance of safety and control while performing these exercises and give you the confidence in handling a firearm in any situation.

This class is not a fast paced run and gun high stress loud and proud shooting class.

  It is designed to focus on the skills, in an environment suitable for all range of shooters, so you will be confident in handling the firearm, competent in the fundamentals of shooting and capable of handling yourself in a self-defense encounter.

7:30 AM… Classroom 

Review and breakfast ( biscuits and gravy)

Firearm Safety and Shooting;

Line Safety Considerations;

Mock Drawing from an Open Holste

Allow 30 minutes to gather up equipment and head to the range 6 miles out


 Range Time

Presentation {Drawing from a holster}

Basic Shooting exercises & Range Drills
Magazine Reloading *Speed and Tactical*

    Shooting on the Move

Drawing Your Gun in Scenario Based Training

The day will start inside the classroom briefly going over what was introduced and practiced in the Basic Handgun Class.  Visually demonstrating and practicing drawing from your holster. Safety rules etc. Then the rest of the time we will be outside on the range incorporating and practicing  the classroom drills with live fire exercises developed to improve the students shooting. Then advanced drills while moving.  Drawing and using your gun in scenarios based on real life circumstances. We will end the day with drawing and shooting your “carry gun” in scenario based drills.

By the end of the class you will have developed, and will be able to demonstrate an understanding of  the 4 Basic Safety Rules, Gun Presentation from a holster, Handling and Operation, Range Safety Rules and Procedures, Marksmanship Basics, Reloading on the line, Stance, Grip, Breath Control, Sight Alignment and Trigger Control, and be able to demonstrate the proper loading/unloading procedures for a firearm.

Required equipment:

  • The 9mm semi automatic handgun you want to train with, plus an outside holster.
  • If you don’t own one, or you don’t want to use your own, I have full sized 9mm’s to use. Included in this will be the holster, extra magazines, mag holders and speed loaders.
  • *Ammunition for your handgun will be your responsibility.*
  • The reason for using full size 9mm’s for training is~~~If you bring a small carry gun with you for training, you may certainly experience hand and arm fatigue at the end of the class due to the number of rounds fired with that caliber.
  • ** Bring your carry gun with you, plus the ammunition for it . We will make time to work with it and shoot it at the end of class.

***If using your 9mm*** you will need~~~~~

  • At least 3 spare magazines, magazine holders and a speed loader.
  • Good quality holster for the handgun that will remain open after the firearm is drawn. Strong side hip Blade-Tex (hard plastic) holsters are advised outside the waist band.
  • No inside the waistband, cross-draw or shoulder holsters please.

Standard List of Needed Items

  • Sturdy wide belt that will support the holster…and fit the belt loops on your pants.
  • 300-350 rounds of ball ammunition for your training handgun. ( No Reloads)
  • 75 rounds of ball ammo for your carry gun.
  • Ball cap
  •  Eye protection. * if you wear glasses that will be sufficient.*
  • Electronic hearing protection. { please take note.battery powered electronic ..AS YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO HEAR INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE LINE. }
  • Footwear that covers entire foot … no sandals please. Please do not wear tank tops or low-neckline blouses/shirts to class. (Hot brass from a semi-automatic weapon can burn you and is painful. Proper protection is important when firing any weapon.)
  • Sturdy pants that have wide belt loops matching your belt width
  • Shirts with high collars are recommended or T-shirts ( brass is hot and can badly burn skin)   *Match season with clothing. rain gear, jackets etc..*
  • Range Bag with whatever gear you need.
  • Pack a lunch and snacks. We will be eating at the range. Water will be provided. If you want any other non alcoholic beverage, please bring it.

All instruction materials, range time, and targets will be provided

All graduates receive a Certificate of Completion.


Pricing for Class

Cost ~ $200.00 

  • Payment is due at the time of registration, unless alternate arrangements have been approved. ( Call me or text if you want alternate payment methods)
  • You may register online and pay using a Credit Card **Click on Registration tab at top of web page** Deadline for registration will be 4 days before day of class.
  • Advance notice of 48 hrs will be needed to cancel for a full refund. If there is no notification of your intent to cancel or transfer/postpone from your registered class you will NOT receive a refund.